The CMWF Heritage Foundation maintains six different levels of membership. First year of membership for your tax deductible donation will include Polo’s and/or Jackets as provided with your level of membership. Annually, including the first year, membership will include the remaining items listed under each level. Once you have decided click here to fill out our application form to get your membership process started.


 2-Fair Day Passes
1-Single Day Parking Pass

 2-Fair Season Passes
1-Season Parking Pass
2-CMWFHF T-Shirts

*Supreme Reserve-$1,000

 2-Fair Season Passes
1-Season Parking Pass
2-Special Edition CMWFHF Polo Shirts
*Supreme Grand-$2,500 

2-Fair Season Passes

2-Season Parking Pass
2-Special Edition CMWFHF Polo Shirts
2-Special Edition CMWFHF Jackets

4-Fair Season Passes

4-Season Parking Pass
4-Special Edition CMWFHF Polo Shirts
4-Special Edition CMWFHF Jackets

6-Fair Season Passes

6-Season Parking Pass
6-Special Edition CMWFHF Polo Shirts
6-Special Edition CMWFHF Jackets

*Denotes membership level with voting privileges. 
All memberships include access to Heritage Hall at Grandstand events during the fair.