Foundation Projects for 2018

The California Mid-Winter Fair Heritage Foundation (CMWFHF) has proposed the following projects for the upcoming fair.  All funds for the CMWFHF come from the generous donations of our members.

Project Title: New Picnic Tables

Project Description: The CMWF Heritage Foundation has purchased and installed picnic tables.

Project Title: New fence on South side of race track

Project Description: Funds were allocated to install a new privacy fence on the South side of the racetrack.

Project Title: Additional metal screened benches

Project Description: 20 metal screened benches were purchased and installed in the main thoroughfare.

Project Title: Donation of $5000 to the Livestock Area

Project Description: The Heritage Foundation donated a sum of $5000 to the Livestock Area for improvements that will be available to the students showing their variety of animals during the fair.

Project Title: 5 Hand Held sales ticket devices for the fair staff

Project Description: The Foundation has purchased 5 hand held mobile devices for ticket sales use during the fair and other fairground events.

Project Title:  Cement work behind the Rabobank Stage area

Project Description: The CMWFHF has provided funding for ground improvement behind the Rabobank Stage area, laying of cement has been completed to enhance and clean up the area.

Project Title: Heritage Hall Improvements continued and on-line membership management utilizing a new web site with enhanced non-profit organization functionality. The ability to provide improved transparency in the financial processes for members and sponsors that support our vision, goals and organization.

Project Description: The CMWFHF opened up Heritage Hall in the grandstand area a few years back. Some minor improvements were made initially. Additional improvements have been completed to allow the use for HF board meetings and members update meetings.

Padded seating in the Grandstand for HF members was also made available.

Additionally, proceeds from alcohol sales during the fair and other events were donated by check to the fair. In capping these accomplishments, the Foundation is rolling out a membership web site to consolidate the important functions of finance, membership enrollment, web site updates to events and facilitating secure membership payments on-line.